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Monthly ROC Auction

In 2002 the Goverment introduced the Renewable Obligation Scheme (RO) to help support large scale renewable generators accross the UK.Once a generator is accredited under the scheme they are entitiled to receive Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs) for every MWh of electricity they generate. Each certificate can either be sold to the generator's offtaker or sold in an Auction.

TradeLink Solutions ROC Auction allows our clients to sell their monthly ROCs as an aggregated sum to the highest bidder. This offers clients a greater opportunity to achieve a higher price compared to selling small numbers of ROCs individually.

Through our long-standing relationship with many suppliers and our up to date market knowledge, we are able to negotiate a price that reflects the market trends for our client and thus maximise the revenue generated from their ROCs.

If you would like more information about our monthly ROC auction, please contact the trading team on 01923 713 840 or email us at info@tradelinksolutions.com.

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