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Providing commercial solutions for the energy industry

Established in 1997, TradeLink Solutions is an energy services company that advises clients across the breadth of the UK renewable energy and power generation sectors. Our extensive experience as a developer, operator and investor in renewable projects provides us with the necessary knowledge and expertise to help our clients to realise the best return for their projects.

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Rickmansworth, 22 January 2020

TLS Energy Limited buys Mann Power Hydro Ltd to provide enhanced services for customers

TLS Energy Limited, the parent company of TLS Hydro Power Limited and Tradelink Solutions Limited, today announced that Mann Power Hydro Limited had become a member of the TLS Energy Group of companies.

In welcoming Mann Power Hydro to the Group, Bob Middleton, Chairman of TLS Energy, said,

“We are all extremely excited about joining forces with Mann Power Hydro. As the marketplace becomes ever more competitive, we view an increased scale of operation as essential for continued success and we are confident of being able to take full advantage of the synergies across our two businesses. And we see the partnership as particularly good news for all our customers who will now benefit from an enhanced and extended range of experience and expertise.

“I am delighted that Dave Mann has agreed to join our board and to take responsibility for the management of our portfolio of 10 hydroelectric power stations across the UK as well as our technical services business."

Dave Mann commented, “The current Mann Power Hydro team and I are very much looking forward to working with everyone at TLS Energy. Being a member of the Group will enable us to further expand the portfolio of projects for which we provide technical services and allows us to continue investing in the trained engineers and the specialist equipment required to offer the best possible service to our customers. We also look forward to exploring opportunities outside our core business. Any current hydroelectric power generator should get in touch via the TLS Energy website to find out about the services we can offer.”

The new business – which will maintain offices in Rickmansworth Hertfordshire and Malton, North Yorkshire - will provide technical management services to some 45 hydropower generators and commercial services to some 100 generators of renewable energy. Details of the services available can be found by visiting


For further information contact Bob Middleton, Chairman, TLS Energy, 07557 002638,

Notes to Editors

TLS Energy was founded as Tradelink Solutions Limited in 1997. Since 1997, Tradelink Solutions has offered commercial expertise to organizations across the UK energy sector and more recently has specialized in services that allow renewable generators to optimize commercial returns on their generation. During the 2000s the company expanded through the acquisition and development of several hydroelectric power stations. As TLS Hydro Power it now owns and operates 10 hydroelectric power stations and 2 wind turbines. Following a restructuring of the business, TLS Energy was created as the parent company for Tradelink Solutions and TLS Hydro Power.

Mann Power was founded by Dave Mann in 2003 to import the first Archimedean screw turbine into the UK. These turbines have since become the preferred choice for small hydroelectric operators with lower heads as they have the added benefit of being the most benign form of turbines within the environment especially on large rivers. Mann Power have been responsible for the installation of around 100 turbines since 2003.

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