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TLS Hydro, is a leading independent developer and operator of small hydropower sites in Britain with over 10 years' experience in the market. We have an in-house engineering and maintenance team dedicated to the development and operation of our sites.

We are passionate about hydropower and invest in it because it yields:

TLS Hydro has a proven track record in developing brand new schemes as well as a specialist experience of renovating older, defunct schemes. We have also successfully completed projects with other developers as joint ventures and we are actively looking for potential new sites. We currently have 9 operational sites with a further 2 in the planning and construction phases.

If you have, or know of, a potential hydropower or other renewable development, please get in touch with the engineering and maintenance team on 01923 713 840 or email us at

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  • Size: 650kW
  • Turbine: 2x Francis
  • Head: 7m
  • Flow: 6m3/s
  • Location: Fife, Scotland

Balgonie is located on the river Fife. The Balgonie hydropower station was originally constructed to provide electricity to a nearby colliery. Over the years it fell into disrepair until 1999 when it was bought by TLS Hydro Ltd and fully restored to its current working condition.

The two James Cordon and Co turbines date from 1922 and are still in excellent working order. 

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  • Size: 280kW
  • Turbine: Kaplan
  • Head: 11.25m
  • Flow: 3.25m3/s
  • Location: Lanarkshire, Scotland

Cleghorn, Lanarkshire, has been in use as a hydro-electricity generating station since 1880 and has seen three schemes in its time. The power it has produced has been used not only by local homes and farms but over the years but has also been used by a nearby hosiery factory, an electric tramway and during WW2 by a blanket factory.

TLS Hydro Ltd has paid particular attention to the surrounding environment in the redevelopment. The new scheme has been built on the original turbine house to ensure it is in keeping with how the site has looked over the years. TLS Hydro's redevelopment of the Cleghorn site was praised by Scottish Renewables (click here for article) thanks to our efforts to clean the site of oil and debris and to redesign the site to minimise the noise pollution and visual impact in a Special Area of Conservation.

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Glen Forslan

  • Size: 500kW
  • Turbine: Francis
  • Head: 80m
  • Flow: 0.8m3/s
  • Location: Kinlochmoidart, Scotland

Glen Forlsan, in the western Highlands, was designed and built by TLS Hydro and is owned by a local landowner. It is a new scheme but utilises an existing WW1 era dam.

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Greenholme Mill

  • Size: 330kW
  • Turbine: Kaplan
  • Head: 4.5m
  • Flow: 10m3/s
  • Location: Yorkshire, England

A new hydroelectric scheme for 2011, Greenholme Mill, was a joint-venture between TLS Hydro and Derwent Hydro.

Greenholme Mill is built on the site of an eighteenth-century cotton mill and makes use of the mill's old weir and lade.

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  • Size: 300kW
  • Turbine: 2x Pelton
  • Head: 125m
  • Flow: 0.2m3/s
  • Location: Cumbria, England

Nenthead was a new hydroelectric plant, it makes use of some refurbished watercourses dug during the site's history as a lead and silver mine dating back to the seventeenth century.

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  • Size: 100kW
  • Turbine: Francis
  • Head: 7m
  • Flow: 2.1m3/s
  • Location: Perthshire, Scotland

Stormontfield's lade was originally dug in 1787 to provide water for the mill.

A Victorian hydropower generator was replaced in 1946 but fell into disrepair. In 2002 it was renovated by TLS Hydro.

Consideration has been given to the local environment through the use of salmon and smolt screens and the provision of a fish pass. With a single turbine it produces 650MWh of renewable electricity per annum; enough to power 200 homes.

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  • Size: 500kW
  • Turbine: Pelton
  • Head: 7m
  • Flow: 0.8m3/s
  • Location: Kinlochmoidart, Scotland

Roshven is a new scheme by TLS Hydro commissioned in winter 2008.

The project is owned by Irene Power Company, a joint venture between TLS Hydro and landowner.

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  • Size: 990kW
  • Turbine: Francis and Pelton
  • Head: 72m
  • Flow: 1.9m3/s
  • Location: Kinlochmoidart, Scotland

At nearly a megawatt of installed capacity, Slatach will be TLS Hydro's biggest project with two different types of turbine. It’s a new scheme with no previous developments at the site.

Slatach started generation in 2013 and has already become one of our most prolific sites with generation capacity exceeding our expectations.

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  • Size: 450kW
  • Turbine: Kaplan
  • Head: 20m
  • Flow: 3.5m3/s
  • Location: Stirlingshire, Scotland

Carrongrove, in Stirlingshire is still in development but we hope to complete it by July 2015. 

The Carrongrove project makes use of the weir and waterways of a now abandoned paper mill but it will be the first time a hydroelectric turbine has been built on site.

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  • Size: 750kW
  • Turbine: Kaplan
  • Head: 350m
  • Flow: 0.26m3/s
  • Location: Kinlochmoidart, Scotland

Brunery was built from scratch by TLS Hydro.It commissioned in August 2014. Built in the highlands of Scotland it utilises the steep inclines to power the turbine which is situated down in the valley below. 

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Aberdulais Balgonie Cleghorn
Glen Forslan Greenholme Nenthead
Stormontfield Roshven

In Development

Slatach Carrongrove Brunery

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