Commercial Services for Renewable Energy Developers

Commercial Services for Renewable Developers

TradeLink use our commercial and regulatory expertise to help renewable generators at all stages of their project. Our team has over 10 years' experience operating renewable plants. Our sites have either been refurbished or fully developed, with consideration for economic, environmental and social sustainability. We tailor our services to our customers’ requirements to ensure best value for their project.

We can help with:

Renewable generation project financing & project development

Through owning our own generating stations, TradeLink has experience in project development. We can help with market information for financial models, advise on legal and regulatory compliance issues, advise on connection agreements, negotiation of power purchase agreements [please see below] and finance.

Power Purchase Agreements

A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is the contract for the sale of electricity from your generator. TradeLink will negotiate PPAs and achieve the most competitive rates possible on the export of electricity and sale of ROCs, LECs and REGOs and can tailor them for clients using either balance sheet financing or bank financing models.

ROO-FIT accreditation

ROO-FIT accreditation with Ofgem is essential for ensuring your site receives a Feed-in Tariff payment or Renewables Obligation Certificates. TradeLink Solutions can complete and advise on either type of application.

Ensuring regulatory compliance

TradeLink can also manage on-going commercial and regulatory administration, ensuring your site meets Government requirements.

Trading of ROCs and LECs with REGOs

Our monthly ROC auction secures up-to-date market rates for ROCs. We aggregate our customers' ROCs and trade them in bulk. This allows our ROCs to achieve better rates than individual or low-volume sales. We also give our generators the option to trade ROCs monthly or bank them to trade quarterly, six monthly or annually.

Feed-in Tariff Payment

If you are accredited on the FiT scheme, Tradelink can act as your FiT licensee and submit your FiT payment claims to Ofgem on a quarterly basis.

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