Commercial Services for Renewable Energy Developers

Renewable energy project financing

Regardless of whether you have balance sheet financing or bank financing, Tradelink Solutions has experience in negotiating power purchase agreements in the generator’s best interests.

Power purchase agreements will vary considerably depending on whether your renewable project has balance sheet financing or bank financing.

With a bank financed renewable project, you will often find the power purchase agreements will be structured in the best interests of the bank and you will have less flexibility in who you sell the electricity too. It is likely that a large, ’Big Six’ utility will be the only credit-worthy supplier in the bank’s eyes and this may exclude some more lucrative prices offered by a smaller supplier.

Bank financing renewable projects often create more complex power purchase agreements. Tradelink Solutions understands the typical demands a bank will make and can supply the financial information needed to satisfy the investors. As your agent, Tradelink will negotiate to ensure that your power purchase agreements are structured in your interests as an investor.

With a balance sheet financed renewable project, you will have a much stronger position to negotiate a power purchase agreement that benefits you as the generator. We can take your project to the market and negotiate the best possible deals for sale of your electricity.

If you require it, Tradelink Solutions can make introductions to renewable investors and has contacts with most of the banks actively involved in renewable investment.

For more information, please contact Diane Dowdell on 01923 713 840 or email us here.

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