Commercial Services for Renewable Energy Developers

Power Purchase Agreements for renewable generators

A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is the key contract for the sale of electricity from your renewable generator. TradeLink will negotiate Power Purchase Agreements with the market and achieve the most competitive rates on the export of electricity and sale of ROCs, LECs and REGOs.

TradeLink will use its extensive contacts and knowledge of the renewable energy industry to negotiate the best Power Purchase Agreement for renewable electricity for both bank financed and balance sheet financed renewable energy projects.

There are three instances in which one would consider a Power Purchase Agreement:

1. Export sold to the grid

  1. TradeLink will take you to our extensive list of contacts amongst electricity suppliers with a tender reflecting the specifics of your site
  2. We will evaluate the responses and advise on the best options
  3. We will draft the PPA in the generator’s interests

2. Export sold directly to our renewable energy supplier, LoCO2 Energy

  1. Because LoCO2 Energy is a smaller supplier, we are specifically looking for smaller renewable generators from whom to buy. You may, therefore, get some of the best market rates for smaller sites when compared to the bigger suppliers

3. Third party power purchase agreements

  1. It may be appropriate for your generating station to sell some or all of its output directly to a third party through a private wire; for example, to an industrial customer based in the vicinity
  2. TradeLink Solutions has experience negotiating these contracts for renewable generators. We manage the private wire agreements at Baglan Bay Power Station, Wales and we sell output from our site at Balgonie directly to the Tullis Russell Papermill
  3. If you are new to the industry, TradeLink Solutions will guide you through the Power Purchase Agreement and we will always work on behalf of the renewable generator

Even experienced renewable energy generators will benefit from TradeLink's extensive knowledge of the industry and our ability to find the most profitable arrangements.

For more information, please contact Diane Dowdell or Kathryn Furness on 01923 713 840 or email us here.

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