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Tradelink is a voluntary Feed-in Tariff (FiT) licensee for householders and micro-generators

Do you want to take advantage of the Feed-in Tariff? Whether you are considering a solar panel, wind turbine, hydro or other eligible installation, TradeLink Solutions can act as FiT Licensee and supply you with the FiT.

The Feed-in Tariff scheme

The Feed-in Tariff Scheme was introduced by the UK government in April 2010 to subsidise green electricity generation.

The scheme is currently available to wind, solar photovoltaic, hydro-electric and anaerobic digestion generators up to a maximum size of 5MW. There is also a pilot scheme currently being run for CHP generators under 2 kW.

Individuals who have gained accreditation and are generating electricity will receive the Generation Feed-in Tariff from their nominated FiT Licensee for every kilowatt of electricity produced.

If the installation is connected to the grid, electricity in excess of the generator’s requirements goes to the grid and a further Export FiT is paid by your FiT licensee for each kilowatt of electricity exported. There are varying FiTs available from your FiT licensee depending on the type of technology you use.

FiT licensees

Your FiT payments are made by a FiT licensee. A FiT licensee is obliged to pay anyone generating their own renewable electricity who is signed up with them through the FiT scheme. Every FiT licensee has access to a centralised levelisation fund from which the FiTs are drawn and passed on to the generator.

The 'Big Six' electricity companies are mandatory FiT licensees. In contrast, TradeLink Solutions is a voluntary FiT licensee, meaning we have opted into the scheme as something we actively want to take part in. However, due to the significant administration required to organise the payments and to fulfil the workload required to administer the scheme, TradeLink charge a sign-up fee of £75 plus VAT for solar generators and £50 plus VAT for all other generators. TradeLink also charges an annual Processing Data Charge (PDC) of £75 plus VAT, deducted from the end of year submission. The PDC rises annually in line with RPI.

FiT table of payments

You will receive a total generation payment for every kilowatt hour of renewable electricity you generate at the rates below.

Additionally, you will receive an export payment for electricity you feed into the grid. This can be calculated at two rates:

FiT table

The current Feed-in Tariff rates are available on the Ofgem website here.

Higher PV rates are available for PV systems which can provide an eligible Energy Performance Certificate (or proof that an EPC is unobtainable) and are not owned by Multi-site generators.

Middle PV rates are available for Systems which can provide an eligible Energy Performance Certificate (or proof that an EPC is unobtainable), but are owned by a Multi-site generator.

Lower PV rates are available for those sites which cannot provide an eligible Energy Performance Certificate, or proof that an EPC is unobtainable.

Degression – Solar PV

To control their budget, Ofgem have introduced a system of degression, whereby the price offered to new sites is gradually reduced. The first degression period for Solar PV cells is 1 November 2012. From that date every three months the prices of the FiT will be reduced, provided that the degression limit (number of applicants have been reached). The amount of degression will depend on the number of applicants who have previously applied for the scheme, but a base line of 3.5% has been introduced.

For Solar PV sites, there are three separate bands:

The amount of degression for each band will operate independently, so the tariff prices will be reduced at varying rates for each band. The calculations are made from the number of people who applied in the 3 month period before the last, so a generator can be given between 2 and 5 months’ notice of the degression price of their commissioning date. If you would like to know the latest FiT Rates, please contact the FiT Team on 01923 713 840.

Degression – AD, Hydro and Wind

A similar system will operate for AD, Hydro and Wind sites. This will take place on an annual basis or every six months in cases where there has been a rapid uptake of the tariff. A base rate 2.5% has been set for all sites except for wind turbines between 100 kW and 500 kW, which have a base rate of 5%. For Hydros over 2 MW, Wind Turbines over 1.5 MW and AD plants over 500 kW, the base rate for degression is in line with those generators on the ROC scheme. If you would like to know the latest FiT Rates, please contact the FiT Team on 01923 713 840.

What do I need to apply for the FiT with TradeLink Solutions?

In order to apply for the FiT you will need to provide:

  1. A completed Tradelink FiT application
  2. Identification – we require photographic ID, proof of residence (a copy of a utility bill) and proof of ownership (a copy of the invoice for the installation of the generator).
  3. Accreditation number – There are two routes which may be taken, which will be determined depending on the size and type of your generator.
    • MCS certificate – This is the accreditation method for PV and Wind generators under 50 kW, and is available from your MCS installer once the installation is complete.
    • ROO-FiT accredited – This must be done for all hydro, AD and CHP sites, and all site which are over 50 kW. In order to undertake a ROO-FiT, a generator must apply through the Ofgem website here.
  4. A Photo of your generation Meter

For PV generators under 250 kW, we will also require;

  1. A copy of an Energy Performance Certificate for the property that the generator is attached to. A certificate of level D or higher is required in order to obtain a higher tariff. A generator does not need to supply an EPC, but will only receive the lower tariff if this is the case.
  2. A Signed set of Declaration forms – Even if you cannot supply an EPC, you must sign a declaration to this effect. We will also need a declaration confirming whether you have over 25 generators registered for the FiT scheme.

Once we have this information, we will be able to process your application with Ofgem.

How do I receive FiT payments?

  1. Complete your installation, receive your MCS certificate and ensure that you have an Ofgem-approved meter
  2. You nominate a FiT licensee
  3. You provide meter readings when required
  4. You receive your FiT payments and an invoice by cheque or into your nominated account by internet transfer after the levelisation has taken place

If you are unclear about any aspect of the FiT process, please contact the FiT team on 01923 713 840 or email us at to discuss the process.

Application forms for the FiT and the declarations are avaliable here.

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